How Can Alligators in Your Community Affect Home Sales?

by HJI Author

Alligators in Your Community

Yes, there are alligators in Sarasota and the surrounding barrier islands. Despite the (rather slim) possibility of finding a gator in your backyard, the alligator population in Florida does not seem to impact home sales or prices. Look at the Sarasota real estate market: home prices have continued to increase over the past few years, according to sites like and In fact, Trulia named Sarasota one of the hottest real estate markets in the whole country for 2017.

For 2015 to 2016, the average price of a home in Sarasota went up by about $8,000, or three percent (3%), Trulia reports. In all of Sarasota County, the average home price went up by about seven percent (7%) in April 2017 versus April 2016. In 2016, Sarasota County saw a sales increase of four percent (4%),

This real estate boom is happening despite several alligator sightings in residential neighborhoods, like the 15-foot gator that wandered onto a Sarasota County farm or the gator that went for a swim in someone’s pool on Memorial Day.

Alligator safety as a homeowner

Now that you know your home value won’t be impacted by your gator neighbors, you can purchase a home in Sarasota with confidence. It’s important as a homeowner, however, to learn how to avoid alligators and what to do if you encounter one:

  • Make sure your pool is enclosed
  • Have proper fencing around your property
  • Never feed an alligator
  • Do not approach an alligator
  • Avoid swimming at night—gators are nocturnal
  • If you have a gator on your property, call the local police department or animal control office

Alligators are naturally afraid of humans, so if you don’t approach one, it’s unlikely that the alligator will approach you out of the blue—unless you provoke him. When dealing with an alligator encounter, also remember that these are protected creatures. If you decide to approach an alligator, you are not only putting your safety at risk, you could also be breaking the law.

Buying or selling a home in Sarasota

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Published on 2017-09-12 16:58:24